Crunchy Zwieback on black. Nice, isn't it? I love it.

Zwieback – a quick look behind the scenes

Zwieback – a quick look behind the scenes Do you…

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Yummy, I like them. Ready to eat. One, two, Go!


Pistachios anyone? I just love pistachios. They are my go…

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Portrait of an avocado on a dark background.

Darkside of the Million Dollar Avocado

Darkside of the Million Dollar Avocado A quick and dirty…

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An image of the million dollar onion. Or so. Canon EOS 450d + 70-200 2,8 L + two flashes. Join the million dollard food army and create million dollar food pictures. Why? Just for fun! Follow me on instagram (mypixelsat) and my blog

Million Dollar Onion

MILLION DOLLAR ONION On my ride to create million dollar…

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Sliced Onion Image with Reflection

Inside the Onion

Inside the Onion – A Portrait Yesterday I took the…

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70-200L, 450d, black, black background, canon, chips, colour, eos, food, frites, front, nature, not a million dollar, ocf, potato


Hi, did you heard that story about that potato image,…

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An Image of a Pomegranade

The Million Dollar Pomegranate

I took an image of the million dollar pomegranate. Here…

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At the Kleinsasserhof

A few weeks ago I spent a wonderful weekend at…

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Photo of Wedding Rings


My family and I attended two weddings this summer. One…

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A dried leaf. Found in the park.


Found this leaf in the park. Liked it. Took a…

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A Childrens playground near a underground station in Ottakring, Vienna

another welcoming childrens playground


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A Foto of a floating Body Board


Summer, Sun, Photos from the Poolside   find me also…

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Es grünt so grün…

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Buwog Kinderspielplatz


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an Image showing a pair of shoes.

Need some shoes?

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Fest zua


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An image of a beautiful closed shop front

Altes und Neues

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Fun door art found on a maintenance door in Viennas subway.

Door Art

the public kind

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Recycled Street Signs


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A school in Vienna - not so shiny

public school

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