The Million Dollar Pomegranate

I took an image of the million dollar pomegranate. Here is why and how it was done.I listened to Jared Polins FroKnowsPhoto-Podcast Rawtalk and they talked about that picture of a potato that was sold for One Million Dollar. Well, you get a lot of potatoes for that money.

Not being a copy-cat normally I thought “I have to do this too”. So, If you have a million bucks at hand I won’t say no. Really. I mean it.

Okay, enough BS. This is my Million Dollar Pomegranate. Available for sale know.


Image of the million dollar pomegranate

The Million Dollar Pomegranate


The setup for the million dollar pomegranate was simple. The image was shot at 200th f8 ISO200 with a canon EOS 450D, theCanon EF 70-200 2,8 at 155mm and lit by the 430EX Canon flash.

The  flash was setup high above the camera straight on the pomegranate. To make the light a bit softer, but keep the hard look I mounted a very small beauty dish. I still got a small, but hard highlight on the pomegranate that I didn’t like, so I decided to hold the translucent part of a 107cm reflector between flash and fruit and out of the line of sight. That took away the highlight. No hard light anymore, but I like it much more now.

Some small adjustments in Lightroom and that’s it. Do you like it?

Thats it for now. The image is for sale, even if you don’t want to spend a million bucks, send me a message.

I am thinking to put more content on my blog and a higher frequency. Comments are always appreciated. Hit me up on Twitter and Flickr if you like.

Cheers and Grüssi,


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