did you heard that story about that potato image, which was sold for a million bucks? Well, this is not a million dollar potatoe image. This is a regular potato, i think its called Ditta or so. And if you want it, you can buy it from me 😉 or just look at its beautiful awsomeness.
How was it made?

So, as with my million dollar pomegranate picture, I started with rembrandt lighting. The pure flash way over my head, at a about 45° angle from the camera. To diffuse the light from the bare flash, I held the diffusion part from my relflector between light and subject and got this nice light, that gives back some structure.
If you are wondering how the potatoe was held in place: well, that was easy as well. I stabbed the potatoe with a fork in its back. Altough the potato did not fell on its back anymore, it still tended to lean sideways. I had some sticky paste around, that helped to fix the fork steadily on the table. The table itself is a black glass table.
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