Zwieback – a quick look behind the scenes

Zwieback – a quick look behind the scenes

Do you love zwieback, as much as I do? Before I continue… I checked the german word zwieback for an englisch translation and I got “Zwieback”? Is that true? Can you help me out? Thank you.


There is not much to say. I love zwieback. I wanted to make some pictures and looked for some food. Found a pack of zwieback, choose a good looking slice and started shooting. This is my final image.

Image of a crunchy slice of zwieback

Crunchy Zwieback on black. Nice, isn’t it? I love it.



So simple. The slice lays on my black glas table. The camera looks down on a 90° angle to the table. Thats it. A perfect example for an image, that is easy to create, looks good and requires almost no equipment.


One bare flash about 50cm away from the subject pointing directly at the bread. As you can imagine, from the view of the camera, the flash looks down on the zwieback. There was even no need for a reflector, as the flash was relativley far way (compared the the subject size and flash output) and I got an even light distribution. Due to the 90° angle from flash to camera, I had no reflections to take care of.


I like to keep it simple as much as possible. All was done in Lightroom.  First I tuned up the whites and lowered the blacks. This helped also to get rid of scratches and small glass blemishes. Next I pumped up vibrance and clarity and then used the spot removal tool to clean up the remaining breadcrumbs. A bit of sharpening as a last step and ready to go.


Canon EOS 450D. Sigma 17-70 2,8-4,0. Canon 540EZ. Yongnuo Wireless Triggers. Black Glas Table.

Final word

You could make a similar image with natural light as well as long as you have only one light source (e.g. one window) that lights your subject. I am always happy to get feedback and look forward to hear from you. Any questions? And do you like this kind of comment? Leave me a note or tweet or instagram me. I am on flickr and pinterest as well, so chances are high to not miss me.

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